Month: May 2022

‘Crypto Crash’ raising serious questions about the industry’s future

Twinkle Dharmani On May 9, the cryptocurrency industry suffered a big blow as the multibillion-dollar stablecoins TerraUSD and Luna lost their peg to the US Dollar. It’s domino effect on other crypto currencies and exchange platforms’ declining value left a sizeable impact on the 1.3 trillion USD cryptocurrencies market. Terra, based on an algorithm, is […]

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Operating a food business in the UK amidst a 40-year high inflation

Twinkle Dharmani UK’s 40-year high inflation rate of 9 percent exceeds that of other G7 nations like the US and Germany. Covid and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine being the primary reasons for high figures globally, UK’s Brexit is another major blow to the country’s economy. With food inflation at 6.7 percent, we spoke to Sravan […]

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Retro football kits

‘They’re a fashion and an art item’: how lockdown caused a boom in retro football kit sales

It’s time to rummage through your old football shirts – now your colourful jersey from the 80s or 90s may be a prized possession. It might not fetch the £7.1m that a Diego Maradona jersey sold for last week. However, an increasing number are finding joy in turning forgotten jerseys into fashion statements. The Classic […]

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