Behind the 18th Century Brewery which has Banned Mobile Phones in its Pubs

The Yorkshire brewery which was founded by Samuel Smith in 1758 has up to 200 pubs across the United Kingdom.

Within these pubs, you are not likely to see any fancy cocktails, but only the traditional ales on offer.

These fairly priced ales across the country come with another heavy restriction that the youth of today may find laughable… no mobile phones.

Sam Smith pubs have a historic reputation with being very strict with their in-house rules and due to this it has drove away many customers.

TripAdvisor Review of Sam Smith pub in York. The York Arms.

One unhappy customer has taken to Trip Advisor to express this ruling of no mobile phones at The York Arms in York. 

So how does the pub justify having banned electronic devices?

Well there is positive benefits of having banned devices and this is to promote social conversation between customers while in the pub.

As the pubs begin to slowly reopen with coronavirus restrictions slackening may be Sam Smith pubs hold the key to sparking up social interaction again between customers.

Sam Smith Pub The York Arms, York. Image credit: Sam Bruderer via Flickr

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