Five-year-olds to sing protest songs by Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell and The Beatles

Five-year-olds are singing their own protest songs as part of a virtual project from The People’s History Museum.

The monthly sessions will replace nursery rhymes with songs by the likes of Bob Marley to teach children the value of working together and using their voices for good.

Credit: People’s History Museum

The children will sing well-known songs such as ‘Love is All you Need’ from The Beatles and Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’.

Liz Thorpe, learning officer at the museum, said: “It is a way to show them how to get their voices heard and stand up for equality and other essential beliefs whilst hopefully helping to nurture future change-makers and activists.

“It covers protest songs through history with the likes of Bob Marley, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan … which I think the grown-ups like just as much.”

Children are also encouraged to use or make their own instruments.

The sessions, which have been live-streamed since April due to COVID restrictions are run by singer-songwriter Matt Hill.

Virtual bedtime stories have also been successfully trialled and will start in January 2021.

Credit: People’s History Museum

Liz added: “We are usually restricted by opening hours but with lockdown, we can get a bit more creative and night-time sessions can be a time to wind down when you’re not as busy.”

The stories are written especially for the museum by Emily Capstick and work on a three-month rotation with the next story focusing on “Little Bee” finding out about himself in Victorian Manchester.

A bank of online art-based resources is also available for children to access with one task proposing they make a den as a safe space to draw and express themselves in.

Both sessions will stay on Facebook for a week. 

Featured image credit: People’s History Museum

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