Holocaust survivors aim to meet Boris Johnson to discuss genocide

Two holocaust survivors are attempting to meet Prime Minster Boris Johnson to discuss the Genocide Amendment.

Ruth Barnett and Dorit Oliver Wolff recently created a petition with the aim of meeting the PM ahead of the House of Commons March 22nd vote on the amendment.

As genocide survivors themselves the two women want to use their experience and knowledge to raise awareness for others.

Ms Barnett, 86, escaped the Nazis on the Kindertransport and Ms Wolff, 84, hid in a cellar for five months in Serbia.

Genocide occurs when a large group of people are killed solely because of their ethnic, religious identity. If the Genocide Amendment is approved, it would mean the UK High Court could make preliminary rulings on whether a genocide was occurring. 

China has been accused of committing the act of genocide against the Uyghur group. It’s claimed up to two million Uyghurs are being detained against their will in the north-western province.

The are alleged to have been exposed to indoctrination, sexual abuse and forced sterilization. China has denied that there has been any human rights abuses. 

Ms Barnett said: “I am supporting the genocide amendment because for 76 years we’ve made no headway whatsoever to control and stop genocide and it’s this is an opportunity to get it named you can’t stop or prevent something that doesn’t have a name.” 

She points out that it’s very easy to be in denial about something when you aren’t directly involved and let someone else take responsibility for changing it.

Ms Wolff added: “It is not something special anymore it is happening everywhere and there are also some genocides which are so small in that people have even talk about it, but it doesn’t matter the size of it, even if it is only 10 people who are being killed just because of their religious beliefs it is wrong.”

Ms Wolff thinks she can make a difference because she has experience with Genocide in the past and has a voice to help.

She said: “I have a voice and when there is something wrong I want to stand up for it, I don’t want to be like all those people who stood by when my family and my race has been wiped out just stood by and pretending it didn’t happen, it is happening.”

Both women have strong ideas about what they want Boris Johnson to get out of the meeting.

Ms Barnett added: “I would like to say to Boris that he persuaded the country to leave the European Union and he promised us that that would mean that Britain would once again be a leader on the world stage and Boris now has a chance of being that leader on the world stage and calling out genocide.”

Dorit added “Well I would hope to talk to him and make him realise what is really happening and ask him to do something about it because why should we award those people who are gaining through torturing others.” 

More than 50,000 people have now signed the petition.

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