The University Students Raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer

Nearly £2000 has been raised so far and they’re not stopping there. 

A group of nineteen to twenty year old students from the University of Swansea are working alongside organisation CoppaFeel to spread the message to men and women, young and old, about the importance of checking yourself and raise cash in a bid to fight against breast cancer. 

One woman in the uk is diagnosed with breast cancer every minute, with 55,000 women and 370 men being diagnosed every year. 

Almost 47% of people don’t check their breasts regularly. Uniboobswansea, made up of a group of 8 students are pushing alongside volunteers, friends and family to remind women and men of the importance of checking, and it only takes a few minutes. 

Sharanjit Dhillon, treasurer of the group, said; “spotting the early signs can be the key to beating cancer”. 

The group, along with other volunteers getting involved, are currently taking part in the 56 miles in 28 days challenge where they have been running, walking and even skiing 56 miles each over the month of February to raise some cash for the cause. 

fund-raising via instagram

The girls have also created their own merch, which you can buy through their Instagram page as well as set up a text service, where after messaging UBT SWANA to 70500 you will receive a free monthly reminder to copp a feel and check your breasts. 

Merch, available via @uniboobswansea on instagram

Journalist Victoria Derbyshire, a woman who has been directly affected by breast cancer spoke to the girls about her own struggles with the disease and the importance of the organisation.

video available via:

Imogen Milner, secretary of the group said; “this is a fight we can win, but we will only win it together and I firmly believe that the education that UNOBOB gives in conjunction with fundraising from the university is so important to this battle” 

Find out more and how you can get involved by reaching the girls on:

Instagram at – @uniboobswansea 

Facebook at – Uniboobswansea     


Donate to the cause on

Learn about the importance of checking your breasts at:

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